An Original Screenplay (2020)

LOGLINE: Following her husband’s sudden death, widow Thea dives into his obscured family history, but instead finds a different version of herself to embrace.

Black List:

"BURNT BRIDGES delivers a thoroughly heartfelt, impressively well-characterized, and efficiently structured exercise in character-driven dramadey whose focus on one woman’s personal odyssey often calls to mind such classics as WILD or EAT PRAY LOVE, amongst others. That said, this screenplay immediately distinguishes itself as a resonant and eminently progressive work of dramatic screenwriting…”

"Dazzles in its ability to evoke the contours of human longing and the ever-present search for meaning." - BlckLst.com

“Successfully weaves together an appropriately stirring narrative, which unfolds in a manner that piques the audience’s curiosity from minute one and manages to never let go until the film’s rousing conclusion. THEA makes for an exceedingly alluring portrait of fractured womanhood, made all the more compelling by the obvious emotional weight she carries, while supporting figures such as KAYLA or CAM stand out as lovingly well-defined and colorful characters in their own right.”


"A surprising and charming mystery and character study…”

“Your skill in characterization can in large part be attributed to your uniquely masterful ear for dialogue– as every character has a clear and unique voice and sensibility to their dialogue.”



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